On the RadioYesterday was a busy day for our MD, Ian O’Donnell, starting with a radio interview on our local BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, followed by an interview recorded for BBC Today program on Radio 4 which was broadcast this morning. The first interview was on the surprising news, from research done by Hiscox, that apparently UK business owners and entrepreneurs work fewer hours than those in the US, Germany, France, Netherlands or Spain. An average of 37.5hrs per week, apparently. From the many business owners we work this seems a long way from the reality, with all of us working hard and often long hours to grow our businesses (of course with the help of a great website from Real Point!).


The second interview was responding to a report published by think tank, Demos, on Finance for Growth. They have an interesting viewpoint which again I’m not sure is shared by the day to day experience of small business owners at “the coal face”.