Tonight I, along with almost everyone who is driven by the www, tuned into the first episode of the BBC’s Virtual Revolution programme, presented by Aleks Krotoski. Not a history of the world wide web as many people expected it to be but a thematic look at how the internet and the www is affecting the world socially.

But the most obvious evidence of the social impact is how quickly the #bbcrevolution tag trended on Twitter. That we now have the means for so many in a world wide arena to comment and interact live as we watch is surely one of the greatest changes that it has facilitated. To me this not just adds, but multiplies the value of watching such a programme. I was able to comment, engage in debate and learn from others knowledge, stopping me from being solely dependant upon the progamme makers version of events.

So if you’re not using Twitter already, you’re missing out, sign up, download tweetdeck and, instead of just consuming TV, enter the debate.