The digitisation of society is a hot topic these days, and many people seem to believe that there is no longer any call for print marketing in the age of online marketing and digital design. Although we’re all for new tech, internet marketing and moving with the times, we at Real Point Design believe there’s still a place for print. Here’s why…

5 Reasons We’re Still Backing Print in the Marketing Race

Tactile & Tangible

Print marketing is a physical thing, and we think that makes it worth sticking with. Brochures and fliers, or adverts in magazines can hang around indefinitely. Business cards and postcards turn up after a few months and remind people of your name. Print marketing lasts in a way that internet marketing so often doesn’t.


Print marketing is so easy to align with the rest of your branding, and that makes it the ideal way to further solidify your brand identity, increase brand awareness and establish brand recognition across all platforms, both digital and physical.

Imaginative Advertising!

Print opens up so many imaginative and interesting ways to advertise/promote your business. Getting creative with your print marketing can really grab your customers’ attention and this makes them more likely to engage with your material for longer. Check out our previous post about super creative business cards to get a feel for what we’re talking about!

A Competitive Edge

It stands to reason that if less people are using print for marketing purposes and more are going online to market their company, then your print marketing campaign will stand out as being different in the age of digitisation.

Credibility & Reputation

There is something about a well designed, high quality piece of print marketing that gives a sense of legitimacy. Thick, grained paper and quality envelopes or foiled brochures have a certain Hogwarts/Buckingham Palace feel to them (think wax seals and peacock feather quills) that you just don’t get from an internet pop-up ad, and there’s a safety in knowing you can’t download a computer virus from a postcard or a brochure!

You can see a portfolio of our print work here, or read more about the range of print services we offer at Real Point Design. If you’d like to talk further with us about a print project you have in mind, you can call our Solihull office on 01676 521 444.