Real Point Design TwitterTime and time again we hear “it’s a waste of time” or “why bother?” but for every one of those stories we can quote success stories of how it’s helped our clients grow their businesses. So we thought we’d share just a few of the ways that developing a strong Twitter presence can help you.

1. Keep your name fresh in people’s memories

By posting regularly to Twitter with updates about your business, what you do and useful information you ensure your company stays fresh in their memory so you’re the first name that comes to mind.

2. Prove expertise

We all want to use a supplier who is expert in their field. By tweeting regularly with useful content you position yourself as a market leader. This is especially useful when backed up by a blogging presence.

3. Watch for keywords

Various tools allow you to watch for certain keywords and respond. For example a tourist destination in Warwickshire could watch for “holiday + warwick” which could spot a tweet like “looking forward to our holiday in warwick” and respond with “have a great time, why not pop and see us at …. while you’re nearby”.

4. Search Engines

Search engines are making increasing use of social media as part of their search results so make sure you’re tweeting content that matches with search terms for which you wish to be found.

5. Networking and Sales support

Following someone on Twitter after you’ve met them at a networking event or spoken to them on the phone can help to build the relationship and move you towards a successful sale.

These are just a few of the ways Real Point’s clients have seen success from Twitter.