The Motorway Challenge

For anyone travelling on the motorway network regularly, you’ll know the challenge when it comes to meal times. Do you:

  • Take the easy option, pull in at the next services and suffer the generic and often unhealthy options on offer?
  • Do you take the gamble, pull off at the next junction, and try and find somewhere more interesting and tasty to stop at?

The Solution

A new website launched by Chocolate and Chips makes that decision easier, helping you find somewhere different to stop in easy reach of motorway junctions without the navigational risk. So far they have researched venues by the M5 but other motorways are planned for adding soon.

How did Real Point help?

Real Point were asked by Chocolate and Chips to develop the website and the “venue engine” management tools which allow you to quickly find venues either by choosing a motorway junction or looking at the map. Our focus was making it easy and quick to navigate on mobiles and presenting a clear set of information on venues.

Do you have a venue to share?

If you have your own hidden gem of a cafe, pub, farm shop or restaurant, near a motorway junction, then do let the Chocolate and Chips team know, or maybe you are the owner of such a venue, then drop them a line.

Happy travelling!