FAFF – The Power of Doing Without Achieving or the “False Art of Feeling Fulfilled” is a great business productivity book by Mike Pagan. I highlight three top tips from it and why I think it’s worth buying and reading.

While we’re all working from home, it’s easy to get distracted, to get to the end of the day having FAFFed for too long:

  • reading socialmedia and news headlines
  • dealing with those “would you mind quickly doing this for me” requests
  • on another time-wasting conference call.

To bring this to an end, Mike takes us through analysing our FAFF, making sure we spend time working on the “Important (but not urgent)” stuff and having someone to hold us to account.

So have a watch of my review where I share a bit more detail on those three areas and then buy the FAFF book for yourself. Time to stop FAFFing and get productive!