Facebook Admin AvatarThe process of adding administrators to a Facebook page seems to be getting increasingly complicated and unpredictable. There are two types of business page creation:

  1. Created by someone who already has a personal Facebook account and so they create a page and therefore become the first de-facto administrator
  2. Created directly with a Facebook user account that is set up when creating the page and only has access to that page with limited access to the normal Facebook features

Of the two we would always recommend option one as it provides greater flexibility going forward. But for both options the process of adding additional administrators is not straightforward.

To edit the administrator roles, go to your page click “Edit Page” -> “Manage Admin Roles”.

For option one, to add someone as an administrator they have to have both liked the page and also be a friend of the existing administrator who is going to add them as an administrator to the page. You can then just start typing their name in the box, select it from the suggestions that start to appear and then select the level of access you wish them to have.

For option two, however, the process process above won’t work as it isn’t possible to “friend” the account linked only to a page. Eventually we discovered the solution. You need to know the Facebook email address ([email protected]) that everyone is given by Facebook and use that as the email address you enter to add an administrator. Success!