The workplace environment as we know it has changed for ever, looking back it is hard to imagine a business environment without instant messaging, email, video conferencing, collaboration tools and mobile devices.
Not long ago small business lacked the tools to be able to expand beyond their local environment. The rise of the internet combined with the technology explosion have meant that is no longer the case. The sky is now the limit.
Mobile devices are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity.

According to the National Institute of Social and Economic Research, the UK economy should grow by 2.5% this year but only the the most astute of businesses are likely to benefit from that growth.

Mobility has changed the way people do business and this is especially true for small business.
Cloud and mobility have become so affordable that they are even accessible to the smallest business and they have become essential for businesses looking to grow and gain a competitive edge. A recent study by the Boston Consulting Group showed that small businesses that were very technical knowledgeable grew revenue 15% faster and created jobs twice as fast than small businesses using little or no technology over the last 3 years. They also found that the use of mobile technology for small business is increasing.

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Mobile technology gives your business the flexibility to be always available and therefore more responsive to customers regardless of your location or situation.
Cloud based platforms allow you to work remotely but you are still able to share, edit and collaborate on documents.
Other collaboration tools allow for video conferencing and instant messaging so work can occur in real time without delay. Mobile apps have made it possible to carry on working without being in the office confined to your desk.Laptop used on beach image
This means that you can be out making contacts and improving the bottom line. The flexibility means that innovation is easier to achieve thereby easily overtaking your competitors. With so much information readily available at any time in your pocket or bag, your business will have a far better chance of attracting new business as you will be more informed, able to make intelligent decisions instantly allowing your business to operate far more effectively.

Cutting edge technology is no longer available only to the largest companies and best of all your small business can have the latest technology at affordable prices but for your business to grow and be successful into the future, you will need to evolve as well.

So the question is, Why are so many small businesses still lagging behind when it comes to mobile technologies?

The arguments for are relatively straight forward, the statistics are overwhelming but the challenges can be frightening. Some of the most common reasons we hear are:

  • I don’t have the time.
  • There are so many choices I feel overwhelmed and I don’t have the time to research the best options.
  • How do I make it all work together, it’s so complicated?
  • What do I do when it all goes wrong?

So what to do, well you could set aside time and figure it all out or you could outsource the consultancy to an IT expert to find you the best mobile solutions designed for your business. At the same time why not outsource the IT support thereby giving you peace of mind but still allowing you the time to do what you need to for your business while enjoying the opportunities your new mobile technologies will bring you.

So why not contact Real Point Business Technology today and let us solve your mobile technology headache. Our small team has over twenty five years experience across every aspect of Information Technology, from system planning through to installation and support, as well as specialising in giving jargon-free advice that will have you up and running as quickly as possible.