Inspired by a piece on the Midlands Today news last night about the 4am project, I was up at the unearthly of 3:30 am this morning in order to take photos around Coventry City Centre!

The idea presented was for people all around the world to take photos of their world at 4am local time on the 4th of April, 4:00 – 04 -0 4. Always up for a challenge and the chance to do something different with images, I decided to take a complete tour of Coventry Centre, which I can assure you, is a very different place at 4am in the morning.

So if  you want to know what the world in Coventry is like when you were safely tucked up in bed, take a look at my snapshots or visit the flickr 4amproject photostream. Maybe it will inspire you to get up and explore your world at 4am in the morning, though, to warn you, the only place I could find for a coffee at that time in the morning as McDonalds!