Early in the morning, while it was still dark . . . No I wasn’t off to see an empty tomb but for the third year running I was taking part in the 4am Project. It’s a great concept to encourage you to see your local area, in my case Coventry, in a different “light”!

Last year I took a stroll round the canal basin area in the centre of Coventry and the year before through the main Coventry shopping precincts. This year I stayed a bit closer to home and took a stroll round Jardine Crescent in Tile Hill (the links take you to the photo sets on Flickr). The light from the various street lights gives the pictures a very abstract look and almost makes them look like negatives. The outcomes are often surprising and buildings that in normal daylight are perhaps not the most attractive, take on a dramatic stance. The images certainly go into the design inspiration notebook, so watch out for maybe one of the textures appearing in the background of one of our next website design projects.

So if you can drag yourself out of bed at the unearthly hour of 4am, why not get involved? We’d love to see the results.

Highlights from this year’s excursion