Heart ParkIf someone had said to me a couple of years ago “let’s pop to the beach” I’d probably have called for the men in white coats. To explain, our office is near Meriden, the claimed centre of England; you can’t get much further from the sea. A journey to the beach is a major excursion, not a “pop” anywhere.

All that changed when we met a new web design client a couple of years ago. They had decided that travelling all that way was just unnecessary; it was much easier to bring the beach to the Midlands, and so Heart Park was born, complete with lighthouse, paddle boats, seaside rock and deck chairs. Now people from Coventry, Birmingham, Solihull – in fact, anywhere in the Midlands – no longer have to do the big beach trip, we can just “pop to the beach”.

What’s more, they have some great conference facilities too, and there aren’t many meeting venues, especially in the Midlands, that you can finish your day’s conference with a barbecue on the beach and a paddle in the water.

Heart Park and Heart of England Conference Centre is just one of Real Point’s clients who do great things that are just that bit different from the norm and we plan to feature a selection over the coming months. From fake teeth for trainee dentists to driving lessons for under 17’s, we’ve come across some amazing companies and ideas in our time!