FSB business growth panelThe afternoon at the FSB policy conference, started with a panel discussion on high growth and global futures for small businesses. It’s always a challenge for any small business to successfully grow your business. So many dots need to be connected, finance, people, skills, customers, products and technology.

With the panelists mostly coming from the world of finance from the British Business Bank through to Quid Cycle, the focus started on access to finance, a challenge for many businesses looking to grow.

But for many, technology is also a challenge and UKTI raised that but also the opportunities it gives for export growth. While digitial can open many doors that were previously closed for startups, it’s also a challenge knowing how it can help and how best to utilise. Technology and e-commerce can be a great enabler for export growth and we at Real Point have helped customers develop an online presence for companies in multiple countries and languages so can testify to its benefits.

Making effective use of digital tools to manage business processes integrated into an online presence can also allow growth without the challenge of trying to manage everything. Again at Real Point we have done work with many clients on integrating their business systems with their website for example on room booking for business centres or e-commerce integration into accounts software as well as developing bespoke systems where needed.

With Ian, our MD, being actively involved in many business forums and discussions including the FSB it means he’s able to bring a wider business view and network to help our customers access information they need to grow their business not just the design and technology services that we offer.

So if you are looking to grow, why not give us a call and arrange a chat over a coffee.