Are business cards still relevant?

You may feel that business cards are obsolete; sad reminders of a bygone era of paper and print. We beg to differ. Although we are the first to praise the usefulness of sites like LinkedIn, (and in fact offer a social media package that covers LinkedIn as well as other social media) here at Real Point we also believe in the Power of Print!

How can I ensure people keep my business card?

We have the secret to a successful business card, and it’s simple. If you don’t want your business cards to end up in the paper recycling, or scrunched up at the bottom of someones handbag, get creative. A business card creates a great opportunity to promote your business, and provides your potential customer with a visual and tactile representation of your brand. A great card design can make a great first impression! Remember to keep your brand identity in mind; your business cards should be in keeping with your website and any other stationery or marketing materials, creating a seamless experience through design.

Here are some examples of companies who went the extra mile to create intuitive business cards that really express their identities!

Bon Vivant Cheese Store

This Brazilian-based cheese shop had their contact details printed on a miniature grater, complete with protective sleeve so your wallet doesn’t end up looking like its been through the shredder. This design is functional as well and well designed, and reflects the brand’s identity perfectly! You can see the grater in action here.



Latona Marketing, Japan

We love these foldable bouquet cards. The simple addition of some scored lines turns a plain business card into a little piece of origami that is sure to grab people’s attention. This design would be great for feminine brands!



The Bombay Bakery

Branded an “edible visiting card”, these were baked fresh every 10 days using molds with the companies contact details and placed in cafes and delis that the company supplied too! Unsurprisingly they found them to be very successful, and customers even requested more with their orders to pass on to other people. We think this could also work well with a photograph of the biscuit and some fancy cutting round the edges.

Pugly Pixels

Perfect for companies that are involved with weddings, parties or fashion, these confetti calling cards can be customised and branded to reflect your companies identity in a fun, tactile way and make a really nice addition to a packaged delivery, or handed out alongside your products.

TAM Cargo

Another tactile origami type design, this foldable business card can be converted by the receiver into a tiny little cargo box! With seamless branding, quality materials and a fun outcome, we think this design is a keeper! Click here to see how it works.

As part of our print design and branding services, we offer a range of stationery including business cards. If you feel inspired by any of the images above, or would like to find out more about how we could help give your business cards a new lease of life, please do get in touch.