Designing a Website

Now for the exciting bit! Once you have all your content and goals set out for your new site, it’s time to get your teeth into the design.

Things to think about:

  • colour scheme – read our previous post for colour inspiration and to learn how colour can help communicate your brand.
  • logo – if you don’t already have a logo, we offer a logo design service at Real Point Design!
  • layout – we will sit down with you and come up with the best layout design for you based on your pages and content.


Structure and navigation

It’s important to get this right, as the structure and navigation of your website will determine how user friendly it is, which directly impacts the amount of return viewers (potential customers) your site will have. Deciding what you want your primary pages to be, how many sub pages you want, and laying them out in a way that communicates quickly and clearly to your audience is vital.


Relevance is key! Your imagery should represent what you do and follow the theme of your site. We believe that having your own images is best; eg photographs or graphics that depict your actual business/venue/people/industry. If you decide to go with stock imagery, we will help you to find fresh and (again) relevant imagery. Here at Real Point we offer photography services, and our designers are well versed in creating bespoke imagery and graphics, all of which help to make sure your site is engaging and original.

Ongoing content/Blogs

Keeping your website updated going forward is the best way to ensure its success. Having content such as a blog, or news and updates page, encourages people to visit your website regularly and keeps it feeling fresh.

If you would like to chat with us about designing your website don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re a web design company based in Solihull and our professional web design and development team are dedicated to creating bespoke, intuitive and standards-compliant solutions. All of our websites are highly optimised for search engines, so visitors will find your site easily and therefore drive interest and increase sales.

We make sure that your website gets the exact attention and detail needed for success.