rebrandRebranding your company can be a daunting prospect, but sometimes it just can’t be avoided any longer! We’ve compiled a list of common reasons for a corporate rebrand, and if any of these apply to your business, it might be time you got in touch with us!

Your brand looks outdated

Modernisation is often the motivation behind a rebrand. On average, most companies change their image every seven to ten years, so if you’ve gone any longer than that without any rebranding, chances are your company identity is starting to look a little tired; especially if your competitors have undergone a make-over in that time! Trends change and keeping up with the times will benefit your company in the long run.

Mergers & Demergers

If a company undergoes a merger, is part of or makes an acquisition, often the first step in the process is an image overhaul. Rebranding under these circumstances is not only a visual representation of the change that has taken place, it is often a legal requirement, and helps to bind or separate the two (or more!) brands.

Changing Markets

Like it or not, times change, and markets change with them. Adapting your logo, corporate identity or retail environment will help to give your brand a boost, and can help propel your company into the changing future of your industry.

Bad Reputation

Now and again, things go wrong. Sometimes a business develops a bad reputation, and keeping the same branding in such times can perpetuate that reputation, even if improvements are made within the company. To really shed your old skin, you need to make changes to the exterior, as well as within your organisation.

New Leadership

A new CEO or new management often breathes a new life into an organisation. This may result in (major) organisational changes that also influence the course the company takes, as well as overhauling a company’s image to represent these changes.

“The Boring Identity”

It sounds harsh, but it is often true! Sometimes there’s just no getting away from the fact that your branding has become boring and forgettable. Out with the old and in with the new as the saying goes. A rebrand can put a new spring in your company’s step, and helps to retain existing customers as well as gaining new ones.

How Real Point Can Help:

We run a full branding and identity service from our offices in Hampton-in-Arden in Solihull and are well practised in the design of logos, marketing materials and websites for a range for clients, from start-ups and micro-companies to corporates.

From developing a complete visual brand look through to creating and implementing corporate guidelines on logo use, colours and brand management, Real Point can help you to take control of your brand identity and put it to good use.