Another interesting episode of BBC’s Virtual Revolution, interesting not because I learnt a great deal, but because it shows again how polarised opinion can be. As I enjoyed the ability to engage in debate and comment through twitter as I watched the programme, it demonstrated that some:

  • Are happy to make the trade – free services for my personal information (I happily stake my claim here)
  • Are nervous about who holds the information, and in to whose hands it will fall
  • Are blissfully unaware of just how much information is being collated and how it is being used

It is this last group that perhaps most concern me. As our use of digital services increase, and as everyone, from my parents to the young people at my youth group, search and post online, how educated are we on what this means? For many of us watching Virtual Revolution, we are well aware and as such make informed decisons, but I do think there needs to be some work done to ensure that everyone makes as informed a decision.

As I commented during the programme, “What happens in Vegas, no longer stays in Vegas” but do we all fully realise and appreciate that?