What’s so important about 25 May 2018?

Data, it’s the lifeblood of most businesses, from customers contact details to your email marketing list, you rely on it to keep your business moving forward. But from May next year there’s quite a few changes happening due to a new piece of legislation – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Why is it important?

One of the major changes coming in is the level of fines that can be imposed if you fail to comply and especially if an individual’s data falls into the wrong hands as a result. There are some big differences, as well, in what you can do with the information you already hold and your management of data.

What should I do?

A good starting point is to look at the Information Commissioner’s website who are responsible for enforcing GDPR in the UK. They have some really helpful guides and checklists. Think about:

  • What data you currently hold
  • Where it’s stored
  • What you use it for
  • Ensuring you train all your team about the implications of GDPR

There are many implications for your website, including sign up permissions for email newsletters, privacy policies, any tracking software you might use (eg. Google Analytics), where your website is hosted, the list goes on….

We can carry out an audit of your website and highlight areas of concern and work with you to resolve them. We can also do a wider GDPR readiness audit with our partners. Give us a call today on 01676 521444 to arrange your appointment.

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This will consist of a one to one meeting lasting approximately two hours where we will review your website and the ways you use it and any data collected. At the end of the meeting you will have an action list to implement and information on the wider GDPR implications for your business, as well as a £50 voucher to use against any Real Point services costing £200 or more.