Are you ignoring your customers half the time?

These days we’re more likely to reach for our phones to browse the web than grab the mouse. Checking Facebook or email, purchasing a gift or making sure our bank balance is in credit, it’s our mobiles that we use. So it’s more likely that your website is being viewed on a mobile than a desktop or laptop by your customers.

Why is it important?

Poor search ranking, Google gives a boost to websites that are mobile friendly, make sure your website is feeling the benefit.

High bounce rate, if a customer finds a website hard to use on a mobile, they’ll just swipe back and use the next one on the list, make sure you’re not losing custom.

Failed sales, a poor customer experience on your website especially if you’re selling online, is less likely to inspire confidence and increases the risk that they will choose a competitor over you.

What should I do?

Start by checking your website to see if it passes Google’s mobile friendly test. Not sure how to do that or action the outcomes required? We can help, not just assessing the basics, but your whole mobile strategy, giving your customers a great experience. We can build you a new mobile friendly site or convert your existing site.

Give us a call today on 01676 521444, to make sure your engaging with all of your customers all of the time.

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