The other day I went along to show my support for Berkswell Post Office, a local business that is threatened with closure. Why?

As a business we rely on our local post offices, we’re not big enough to need our own franking machine and have our own pick up by Royal Mail, so we nip up to our local post office and get things weighed and sent there, plus a useful place to get the van taxed, pay our PAYE and much more.

As an individual I’m trying to do my best to keep my carbon footprint down and so my local post office means I can walk there to carry out essential tasks, plus having the Post Office franchise means that they can afford to keep open their shop selling other useful essentials I often need.

Nationally, Post Offices are important community centres, my Dad enjoys going to the local post office for catching up on the latest local news as much as for the purpose of getting his pension, and he’s still able to cycle there, will he be able to in the future as more and more close in rural communities. For many of these rural communities the Post Office is the last remaining shop selling other essentials such as bread, papers and the card for that almost forgotten birthday.

Post offices being closed will mean a drive of 10 15 miles for many people. Green government, joined up thinking? hmmmm, I think not. I think it’s time for them to get those pens back out and do some serious rethinking.