YouTubeSpent my time doing something a bit different today, creating a YouTube Channel for United Business Centres. They’ve had some great videos filmed by Insight Communication from Milton Keynes and I was asked to add them to the UBC website. But it was a great opportunity to go a step further and create a larger profile for UBC online by creating their very own YouTube channel, this allows a potential new audience to find out about what UBC do when they are searching on YouTube which is becoming a useful resource for business advice videos.

So what next? Well, I will be looking for further videos on YouTube which could provide information that people who are looking for office space might find useful or maybe top tips on planning a meeting. We will then add this to the YouTube channel for UBC which will all help to promote UBC as a place of excellence for all things office and meeting room related.

So . . . how about you? Want to be a YouTube star while at the same time promoting your business, here’s some ideas:

  • Create a top ten list of useful ideas in your industry and film yourself talking about them
  • Set up a YouTube channel and just aggregate content that relates to your industry with suitable commenting and rating, all helping to set yourself up as an industry expert
  • Film your clients saying some great things about you!
  • Run a seminar, film it, post it to YouTube
  • Interview some of your team about what is great about your company

That’s a few to get you started, now I just need to do this for Real Point as well as my clients. Doctor go heal yourself! Time to be a YouTube star!