I’ve been hard at work redesigning and updating this blog, I hope you like the changes and additions. As well as the obvious design changes, where for the first time I’ve set up a theme from scratch trying to bring it inline with our company style, I’ve also been playing with some of the plugins for WordPress and I’ve found some great gems among them.

A great plug in which allows you to draw together various feeds to create a regularly updated summary of your online activities. So far I’ve added my twitter, stumble, digg, delicious and youtube activity feeds.

Amazon Wish List
I’ve been steadily building a wishlist on amazon of business books I’d like to read, and this great little plugin allows me to list them directly on my blog. Not that I’m trying to get you to buy me a book or anything!

Delicious Links
I use delicious to maintain my links library accross computers and this plugin allows me to list all public links for others who may find them helpful and interesting.

Great tools and I hope to add other new facilities soon, it’s always fun to play with new toys! Hope you like the changes and if you have any great plugins that you recommend then do let me know.