Business GrowthIf you’re thinking of starting up a business in 2012, there are a whole range of marketing challenges that you need to be aware of, many of which simply didn’t exist just a few years ago.

Over the last 10 years, the marketing landscape has completely changed, in large due to the emergence and subsequent rapid growth of the internet. Where direct mail was the main source of advertising for many companies, the internet has taken its place, and the amount of direct mail in the UK has plummeted. In fact, the only post we tend to get to the office at all now seem to be bills!

The most effective way to get your products and services seen by potential customers is through a company website. Whatever business you’re in, your customers are online and therefore it’s essential they can find the information they’re after in the easiest possible way.

However, you can’t expect immediate success overnight. It takes time for you to work your way up Google’s search listings and get people to your website. A website also cannot stay static and remain relevant; it needs to grow with your business, keeping your information up to date and helping to raise your profile, advertise your products and services and generate sales leads.

Of course, updating your website frequently can also be counter-productive, and it might confuse potential customers who return to your site. But by using a combination of different social media and adding a blog to your website, you can generate new content (without editing your main information pages), build up a trusting following and feed people through to your website.

Your online presence is a critical marketing and advertising tool that you need to nurture to bring your company success. It won’t necessarily be a walk in the park to start with, but it gets easier as you become more familiar with all the online marketing tools at your fingertips.

Although print advertising has suffered a large decline, the value of physical, printed business cards is still very high. Of course, while the ability to connect with a business contact through LinkedIn by bumping your smartphones together is extremely useful, it only takes weak phone signal to render this useless, and smartphones haven’t become universal just yet. The maxim that “people buy from people” is still true, so even if customers initially find you online, being able to physically leave your contact details with them may push them into calling and arranging a meeting to see how you can help them.

Real Point have worked with clients of all sizes, from start ups to SMEs in the public and private sectors, and by utilising business stationery, website design and online marketing techniques, have helped them to grow. We are also now offering a series of social media training workshops, helping you to take control of your online identity and use it to boost your business. At just £55 + VAT for a morning’s workshop, it’s a steal!

See our GetOnWith website for more details, or give us a call on 01676 521 444 to see how we can help you with a bespoke website solution or online marketing package.