Hope all readers had a great Christmas, I certainly enjoyed a bit of a break and a chance to be with family.

Setting up an Amazon wish list has proved to be a huge hit with my family who never know what to get me for Christmas, so I now have a pile of books to read in the next few weeks. Thought I’d share what I’ve got with you all and I’ll let you know when I’ve read them what they’re like!

[asa_collection books_read_list]Christmas08_books[/asa_collection]

Next task is to start planning those new year resolutions . . . the big question, of course, being do you set ones which are too big to keep or do you aim so low that it’s not really a challenge at all. Somewhere inbetween, I’m sure, is the right target, when I’ve worked out what mine are I’ll post them here if they are suitable for general consumption! One of mine certainly has to be to post here more often.

Have a great new year and check back soon to see if these books are as good as promised.