Barrier One Car Park Barrier InstallationI know, I know, anyone who’s talked to us about websites know’s that we always talk about designing your website to make it easy for your customers, don’t put barriers in their way.

But there’s always an exception and the website we’ve launched this week is just that! Barrier One install car park barriers and access control systems in both commercial and academic settings and, as you would expect, barriers feature large in the design. Of course we have included the important things that make it easy for their visiting customers, here’s just a few to think about when looking at your website:

  • Is there a clear phone number and can you cut and paste it, not just part of an image
  • Is it clear what you do and how it solves your customer’s problem?
  • Testimonials add credibility and demonstrate that you can deliver
  • Don’t talk about history “This is abc corp founded in 2007 located in…..” on the home page

Of course there’s many more things to think about some visible, some hidden away in the code, but you need to get it all right to make your website a success. If you want to discuss your website and how you could improve results then give us a call on 01676 521444.