I’ve just enjoyed a great time listening to John Humphreys taking questions on his experiences and his thoughts on interviewing. He certainly doesn’t beat about the bush with some very straight talking!

Highlights were definitely his asking the queen at a lunch if he could interview her, her response . . . . “No, and if I did it certainly wouldn’t be with you”. The other was finding himself standing at a urinal next to Tony Blair who had just had an interview where Cherie Blair had said “He’s fit, five times a night fit!” and said . . . . “I’m suprised you can stand that close to the urinal”. Certainly a different topic of conversation at an FSB conference.

He closed by saying by and large that he has a lot of timeĀ for politicians, they have a tough job, and if we do get a bad one, at the end of the day we voted them in! So I guess that’s a strong prompt to make sure we vote the right ones in next time!